I Need Your Help!

 photo contest2touch_zpsdda8104d.jpg photo contest3_zpsa4819d33.jpg photo contest4_zps49baff8a.jpgTop: I heart Ronson
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: stolen from mama
Socks: gift from mama
Glasses: Warby Parker Mallory


That's right, I need you! I'm not very good at asking for help, raised by a single mother I was taught to fight on my own. But now I desperately need you. After 365 of terror (ha not really) I decided that this year (by year I mean by my birth year) I'm not going to waste another minute feeling sorry for myself or feeling frustrated with my life.

I want to seize opportunities, try new things, enjoy life! After my last hospital visit, I had to have the harsh realization that youth isn't forever, we aren't here for long, some of us shorter than others. And while I don't know what life has for me in the cards, I'm going to keep slapping that deck down until I hit 21. (weird analogy but you get it right?)

So why do I need your help? Well I've been very blessed to be invited to an countless amount of shows for London Fashion Week, and while that is very awesome to even been considered on the list, there's one major detail hanging in the room. HOW DO I GET THERE? If I had the opportunity to be in London for a week I would not only bring you guys the coolest (and nerdiest) exposure to LFW I would also take that as an opportunity to make a travel comic of my experiences there! It would also just be a moment to just soak up a hub of creativity, and start fresh. (Which I desperately desperately need)

So how do you send me there? OH THATS EASY. I was going to do a gofundme situation, but I found out about 1st class fashion and figure it's easier (and less expensive) for ALL OF US.

All I need is 300+ votes ....IN FIVE DAYS, sounds easy (maybe...) All you have to do is vote for my look! If I get 300+ 1stclass will send me on my merry way. Lets count it as a birthday gift from my readers yeah? (my birthday is in September as well ;D )

SO PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST, VOTE, TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! I really need your help guys and this would be such a dream come true for me, so please vote vote vote vote! (oh and there's no spam voting like last time...ughhhh)

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Flower Power Coordinates

 photo floral2_zps8d7c3cb4.jpg  photo floral9_zps322467b0.jpg photo floral1_zps69082d9f.jpg

Coordinate: Available Here (created by me!)
Jacket: VintageShoes: Elizabeth & James

Oh hi there, miss me your friend Bianca? Oh I know it's been a while, but lets say the past 365 has been nothing short of a journey. But now after a little self motivation I'm ready and confident to get back into, blogging- what what!

Recently I've discovered the LOVE for coordinates, but unfortunately most that I could find were either made in china or simple not made for girls who fit in the realm of having hips that don't lie, butts that can't hide, and sometimes #bustygirlproblems. So I decided to create my own!

For those who don't know my mom is a designer, therefore I contacted her to join me on this venture of designing some fun BLARGH clothing ( I can't sew worth a damn) We spent a few weeks finding vintage fabrics, measuring women with an extra bit of hump, and coming up with some cute designs that are both summer cute and fall ready. I going to show you all every piece but I'll start today with one of my faves with is this simple jersey knit two piece.

The waist is a nice wide elastic (comfort-yay) that goes in at the waist while the short breezes out for that cute oversized look. The shirt is cropped but still long enough for those of us who aren't as petite as the Asian models used on sites such as Yesstyle. (Where anything oversized fits me regular haha)

I thought it would be fun to go full force with this look with some heels, floral crown, and demin jacket. So tell me ladies what do you think? Each coordinate is one of a kind so if you LOVE IT, head over to the shop and claim it for yourself. There labor day outfit solved!

Can't wait to show you the rest of the looks, plus because were such good friends take 15% off with the coupon code AB15OFF, now we're talking!

 photo floral4_zpse5fa7649.jpg photo floral7_zps8f5a7c1e.jpg photo floral5_zpse67a08c5.jpg photo floral3_zps511a646c.jpg

grey sweats forever

I don't know what it is about a classic grey sweatshirt that gets me all in a tizzy but I absolutely love them. I LOVE THEM. At this point I may have bought too many but I cannot seem to stop. I feel like they go with any color, not as harsh as black and you really can't tell if the get dirty. With everyone getting stoked about festivals and world championships, and le tour de france, I can't resist my inner tomboy who want to pop open a couple of brewskies and enjoy the game or the tunes or whatever! With the fourth of July right around the corner I'm reminded of Lisa Simpson when she tried to become "cool" while on vacation. I mean her summer looks was just the tops, and her indifferent attitude matches my summer goal of being chill and supporting my local (or non local) team. I was surfing the web for more sweaters and I saw this Liverpool sweater from Simons. Even though Liverpool isn't playing the world cup per se, I still totally love it. Plus in Chicago, it doesn't always get hot hot hot consistently so a grey sweatshirt is a perfect accessory for when temps drop and you need something to cover up without feeling too hot. Hail the grey sweatshirt and the indifferent summer attitude. I'll be serious in September.

eye scream for ice cream & john ruvin

 photo 1sm_zps6eb4cd78.jpg photo 2sm_zps88f431b6.jpg photo 3sm_zps8a1964f1.jpg photo 4sm_zpscff7d849.jpg photo 6sm_zps6882705c.jpg photo 7sm_zps46259191.jpg photo 9sm_zps87ee9bb5.jpg photo 8sm_zps2dd0c92a.jpg photo 12sm_zpsc650e638.jpg photo 11sm_zps517529d0.jpg photo 10sm_zps36419c83.jpg photo 13sm_zps657459a5.jpgLast weekend Dave and I collaborated on the story telling photo album for John Ruvin glasses. We wanted to play with a simple his and her story that captivated the warmth and playfulness of summer. Overall it was a super fun shoot, and it was nice to do something different than what I normally do with outfit posts. Sure my outfit was key to the overall theme, sugary pastels that make you think of two scoops of ice cream, but to tell a story was the most important objective in this shoot. Plus it was fun to shoot the man behind the camera as well, and dress him up for the story. I think doing this project for John Ruvin has definitely inspired me and helped me get out of a blogging funk I felt like I was stuck in since the turn of the new year.

Both Dave and I are wearing Prescott by John Ruvin, I have on the Amber Ombre, while Dave went with Traditional Tortoise.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them! Happy Summer (finally!!) photo 14sm_zps6361f957.jpg

hey guys