grey sweats forever

I don't know what it is about a classic grey sweatshirt that gets me all in a tizzy but I absolutely love them. I LOVE THEM. At this point I may have bought too many but I cannot seem to stop. I feel like they go with any color, not as harsh as black and you really can't tell if the get dirty. With everyone getting stoked about festivals and world championships, and le tour de france, I can't resist my inner tomboy who want to pop open a couple of brewskies and enjoy the game or the tunes or whatever! With the fourth of July right around the corner I'm reminded of Lisa Simpson when she tried to become "cool" while on vacation. I mean her summer looks was just the tops, and her indifferent attitude matches my summer goal of being chill and supporting my local (or non local) team. I was surfing the web for more sweaters and I saw this Liverpool sweater from Simons. Even though Liverpool isn't playing the world cup per se, I still totally love it. Plus in Chicago, it doesn't always get hot hot hot consistently so a grey sweatshirt is a perfect accessory for when temps drop and you need something to cover up without feeling too hot. Hail the grey sweatshirt and the indifferent summer attitude. I'll be serious in September.

eye scream for ice cream & john ruvin

 photo 1sm_zps6eb4cd78.jpg photo 2sm_zps88f431b6.jpg photo 3sm_zps8a1964f1.jpg photo 4sm_zpscff7d849.jpg photo 6sm_zps6882705c.jpg photo 7sm_zps46259191.jpg photo 9sm_zps87ee9bb5.jpg photo 8sm_zps2dd0c92a.jpg photo 12sm_zpsc650e638.jpg photo 11sm_zps517529d0.jpg photo 10sm_zps36419c83.jpg photo 13sm_zps657459a5.jpgLast weekend Dave and I collaborated on the story telling photo album for John Ruvin glasses. We wanted to play with a simple his and her story that captivated the warmth and playfulness of summer. Overall it was a super fun shoot, and it was nice to do something different than what I normally do with outfit posts. Sure my outfit was key to the overall theme, sugary pastels that make you think of two scoops of ice cream, but to tell a story was the most important objective in this shoot. Plus it was fun to shoot the man behind the camera as well, and dress him up for the story. I think doing this project for John Ruvin has definitely inspired me and helped me get out of a blogging funk I felt like I was stuck in since the turn of the new year.

Both Dave and I are wearing Prescott by John Ruvin, I have on the Amber Ombre, while Dave went with Traditional Tortoise.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them! Happy Summer (finally!!) photo 14sm_zps6361f957.jpg

Video Update!

Hey kiddos! I just wanted to annouce that I want to start doing videos (under the username PrettyFunny) for the blog and for my life personally. It's going to be a mix of blogging stuff, style, and some funny sketches I have been working on! If you would like me to address anything just leave a comment of what you would like to see! I'm excited! Hope you are too! Oh and please subscribe!

(ps don't forget you still got one more day to enter the #BCSummerRoadtrip contest!)

#BCSummerRoadtrip {win 6 pairs of shoes oh my!}

 photo bc7_zps69678f58.jpg photo bc5_zps9296680b.jpg photo bc8_zps4a2a6797.jpg photo bc10_zpsfd05071e.jpgCan you believe it's June already? Time is literally SOARING by and just like that we'll be waving goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015. But before you break out the campaign, how about me make the most of the now and enjoy the summer that is before us? I am jazzed that BC Footwear asked me to be the Chicago rep for the #BCSummerRoadtrip. They sent me these ADORABLE (vegan!) off the cuff flatforms that made me feel like a total betty somewhere between rockabilly and Rihanna. Either way I'm dancing to Rude Boy. To be honest I think I channeled both ideals with the black and white crop top and overalls. I wanted to be playful but still blarghful. That's a word now. Deal with it.
 photo shoegaze_zps5f28b57c.jpg  photo bc3_zps2871773d.jpg photo bc6_zps497adc8b.jpg photo bc2_zps29bc0176.jpg photo bc9_zps6e2d53e0.jpg photo bc4_zps2048c1fe.jpg photo bc1_zpsaff9d184.jpg

Oh and good news! With BC I am giving away 6 pairs of shoes to one lucky reader. Just a way of saying thanks for being so awesome and following this blog all these years. Plus 6 is my favorite number so it can't get much better than that!

But before we get to giveaways I wanted to chit chat about some favorite places in Chicago. For those of us in the Midwest, sometimes Cali can be too far and NYC can be too $$ why no hop in your cars and see the city that is really second to none! Versus getting stuck on the mag mile, try these things instead:

GO: Wicker Park.
 photo wicker_zpsde5b67dc.jpg

If you're a cool kid you might have heard this neighborhood mentioned to you. but it is merely a 15 min train ride from the loop! There's lots to shop, lots to eat, plenty of dusen dusen to make any girl smile! Some people call it Brooklyn jr, I like to refer to it as the neighborhood High Fidelity took place.

 photo reck_zpsa4d79930.jpg

EAT: Tacos. Yes TACOS
 photo bigtique_zpsda53384f.jpg If you like the idea of eating outside while sharing a beer late into the wee hours of the morning then Big Star is your place. If you love vintage, are a foodie, and drinking margaritas with a paper straw is your jam then head over to Antique Taco. Just don't forget to top it off with a doughnut at one of Wicker Park's many fried bread establishments (Glazed & Infused, Stan's Donuts)

 photo quimbupb_zps22674ad3.jpg Wicker Park is a tumblr girls dream. From Vintage, to zines, to tchotchke deers from 1963. You reblogged it we got. For cutest stationary and vintage ninja turtle patches head over to Rudy's Roundup. Want zines and foreign magazines? Shake your groove thang over to Quimby's. Looking for vintage? A stroll down Milwaukee Ave will have you stopping every couple of feet, there's literally shop after shop of vintage wonders!


Now for the fun part. GIVEAWAY TIMEZZZZ!!! I made it super simple, all you got to do is use your facebook to log on to this form below. It's that easy! You got a week to enter, and the BC will compile all the entries from all the other cool cats and pick one winner! US Residents Only. You can follow along on the BC Summer Roadtrip Blog. Remeber to check out BC on Twitter and Facebook! PLUS you can shop BC at Bazar in Chicago! And keep up with all my Avant Adventures on Tumblr and Instagram! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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