In the Jeans

As mentioned before I will always be a girl that loves the classic. I think because in my own head I believe I’m trotting around the Champs Elyse wearing the perfect gamine outfit of skinny jeans and a boyfriend shirt to meet some friends for coffee. Versus my IRL life of wanting to be comfortable and some what cool, as I go to the bodega for some ramen and sriracha (I’m so glamorous…)

Comfort will always be a priority with my clothing choices, not because I dream of looking like a soccer mom in yoga pants, but I between my active lifestyle of video gaming and biking on the lakeshore, to having some lower back issues - I need my pants to be COMFORTABLE, but cute! I refuse, REFUSE (regardless of how comfortable the lure of lululemon is) to look like I should be married to some yuppie pushing around his spawn in a Cadillac sized stroller. But some days I do dream of having some pants that don’t press SO HARD on my lower back and abdomen that I’m making bee lines for the restroom every hour on the hour. So when I discovered NYDJ I got excited about the possibility of a jean to be both cute and comfortable.

I know you’re like “how are jeans NOT comfortable”?! Well my friend, if you’re small in the waist, have no hips, BUT HAVE TONS OF JUNK IN THE TRUNK, jeans can be nothing but a nightmare. Gapping, too tight here, too loose here, it’s like jeans are better fit for tree trunks than an actual human body (sorry Groot).  So I flipped through the jeans for women at NYDJ and discovered their NYDJ Fit jeans. Claiming to make you one size smaller (I’m actually happy at my mysterious size of a 10-14) they promise to prevent those aggravating dressing room tear-causing issues of gapping, pulling, and WHY. Plus the color and styles have me already planning my next lunch date.

I like these Alina Leggings and Linda Leggings for my vampire weekends. The Ami super skinny are cute enough to sneak into work and pretend you’re wearing dress pants before you jet off to drink at your scuzziest dive bar. (Plus these bad boys are high in the mid waist! I hate low waist jeans, curses to you and your coin slot! I’m not a Pac-Man machine!!) I’m definitely going to have to give these guys a TRY! Which ones do you think I’d look super cute in? Which ones do you like? I will try them and report back, but so far ladies, so so good.

Give me the classics

 photo boy6_zpsc2571772.jpg photo boy2_zpsb43e04e4.jpg photo boy5_zps97f61289.jpggrey sweater: forever 21
jeans: forever 21 + (i get them short so they are cropped im 5'8")
kickass shoes: FOREVER 21 (similar)
ok so I went a little wild but it all matched!

As I mentioned before there really isn't anything better than a grey sweater. And even though I try to not buy anymore, whenever I see grey my heart just flutters! Paired with a skinny jean and a kickass flat it's impossible not to feel classically cool. Plus these shoes look SO HIGH END to have only been $30 bucks. Shoes, 30, sweater 17, jeans 9, I mean a whole look for under $60 THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Plus even though this outfit feels designer I'm not afraid to hit the park, run around, bike to my favorite shops, and even wipe the pizza grease on my knees. Don't you just love looks that feel put together while being so so simple. Plus as you may have notice I COLORED MY HAIR HAHA. If you follow me on instagram (you should) you'd see that it was my birthday TADA to myself. Spending the next years becoming the woman I want to be than being afraid to be her! I mean we only got one life to live, might as well not live it in fear! Even if I garner a few stares at this point it's nothing new. HA!

 photo boy3_zps7f88bc1a.jpg photo boy4_zpsb5801377.jpg photo boy7_zps2a51e8b4.jpg photo boy8_zps1c88c3aa.jpg

Get your leather ON

workshirt: madewell (similar cut, similar color) 
sweats: ross (similar) (similar)
jersey motorcycle jacket: mom's (similar) (similar)
faux suede loafers: forever 21

I promise you, with these clothes on I felt like Karen O singing "Zero" in a dewy fall evening. I kind of put these clothes together on a whim, they feel so pajama-y. These comfy but COOL sweats (that I got for $9 bucks at Ross THATS how you try a trend haha) this boy shirt from madewell, and even though this jacket looks leather it's actually jersey! Super comfy, extra cool! I went dress like this to Dave's little sister college football game down in southern illinois. (she's in the band) I'll admit I totally felt like I should've been making out behind the bleechers than cheering on the home team. Unfortunately the kids lost, but everyone loved my hair I didn't even notice the game! (Bonus purple was the school color so all the parents thought I was alumni haha!) Dave's lil sis friends thought I was a total badass which is such a laugh! Little do they know I was the dweeb in school! Oh how times have changed. But I'm really not that cool at all, I still spend my weekends eating cereal, watching cartoons, and playing video games. But now no one can tell me "no" or "go study' CUZ I'S AN ADULT! Oh how wonderful it is, isn't it? (insert paramore haha!)

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What time is it? Time to 'Swiss' it up

Did I mention that the weather has dropped down to a freezing 43 degrees? It's only September but in my mind we've skipped over Halloween and are crashing right into Christmas. And even though my loving boyfriend did not completely appreciate my need to belt out Mariah Carey's holiday hits on the expressway last night, I can't help but feel the holiday buzz rushing through the back of my mind. They other day I picked up some beef jerky flavored chocolates for all the men in my life, but I'm sure just a $1 package of dangerously flavored sweets won't be enough of a gift to truly show the appreciation for all the boys I call family. So I've been on the hunt for the perfect gift, and I recently discovered Swiss Army's new Victorinox watch. Every year I usually get my brothers a Swiss Army knife, something sleek and useful for both the engineer and the artist. But this I.N.O.X watch has me thinking it's time to switch it up. Having something they can look down out and think of their darling sisters, daughter, and even girlfriend has me giddy with joy. There's so many different styles to choose from, it was actually pretty easy to find a watch to match each of their personalities.

My oldest brother (the engineer) will want something that will easily go from day to night. Plus something that he can take to swim pratice either on his own or with his daughter. That's why I totally adore the Dive Master for him

My younger brother will want something that will travel well, for his constant need for seeing the world, but something that will have cool hardware to impress all of his techie friends, so the Alpnach is the PERFECT MATCH.
My dad is a little more tricky, he's a doctor, so he'll want something classic. This watch totally screams great gatsby which is totally him, so for daddio it's the Alliance.

As for the love of my life, well he's definitely a guy who would love to call cape cod home, but he's also more clumsy than a cartoon character. Did I mention that he steps on my foot almost every day (lovingly I'm sure) so he needs something that's inbetween classic but can without the beatings. Fortunately these watches are meant for a beating being temperature, water, pressure, fall, and concrete resistant So for lover boy it's an Airboss.

I'll be honest it feels pretty good to already have the present situation all figured out and we haven't even put a pumpkin out! Now I can spend my days enjoying the seasons as they change than fighting the holiday rush as it comes through. Maybe I might even pick out an I.N.O.X watch for myself. This Victoria is looking pretty neat-o!

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine

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